Happy Little Bellies :)

Happy Little Bellies :)

How do we get our kiddies to eat and love sauerkraut!

The list of fermented foods benefits just keeps growing. The fact of the matter is, we all can
all benefit from eating more fermented foods, our little ones included.
Its really important to teach our kiddies to enjoy fermented foods early on just like we all
work to teach them to eat and enjoy vegetables!

The fermented sour flavour can be amazingly complex and delicious but as with any new
food introduced to kids, it may require repeated tastings to acquire the taste for them. This
would be the case with many adults, not just kids!  As well as the benefits of fermented foods
it is important to introduce children to a broad range of flavours not just sweet and salty.

These are some tips on what I did when mine were little, believe me they wouldn’t
have a bar of it at first.

  • Kids emulate what their parents do so make sure you include sauerkraut in your own meals
  • Just start off slowly. Kids don’t need a lot, just a few strands to start with, building up
    to a tsp a meal.
  • Keep persevering. When mine were little I kept putting a little on their dinner plate
    every day until finally they just decided to eat it.
  • Mixing it into meals. Just a small amount mixed into something like mashed potatoes
    can slowly get them used to the flavour.
  • Disguise it!! Mix it into their condiments. Ie A little of the kraut juice into their
    tomato sauce or a little kraut blended into their relish.
  • If you really want to be the master of disguise as I was, check out these 3 recipes I created all those
    years ago. My kids still laugh at how much kraut they ate without even realising.


Chocolate Krautdilliumptious Balls

Helena Bay Pesto

Salted Caramel Kraut Smoothie

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