Our Growers


Our Growers

Jon & Tania 


It’s such a joy catching up with Jon and Tania. They are just the loveliest people.
They’ve been in the organic growing world for many years and put their heart and soul into it.  They sure do know how to grow amazing cabbages and plenty of other veges too.

Clyde Potter


From an early age Clyde had two passions, piano and horticulture – as a child he made his own compost and had a vegetable garden, which he preferred to tend to rather than going to school. We love Clyde’s serious commitment to organics, he believes passionately that you must work with nature not against it. In fact, he goes one step further than organics and uses biodynamic principles. We just love his outstanding vegetables!!

Robert Downing


A wonderful mentor to us in what it takes to be organic and all round awesome guy.
Robert has spent many years helping his Far North community to learn how to grow organically.  We are really lucky to have him grow excellent quality organic garlic for us.