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Gut Shot Ruby 350ml


Ruby Probiotic Tonic


Populate and re-balance your gut flora with a quick and easy GUT SHOT of our organic raw sauerkraut juice.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Keep Refrigerated. Best Before dates are a guide for best quality, however the product is a live preserve and should last for longer if stored and maintained properly. 

Vegan – Paleo – Organic – Gluten free


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Our Ruby Probiotic Tonic is the perfect Gut Shot to choose when introducing this baby to your family and friends!

This tangy mix of red and white cabbage with caraway seeds contains billions of live bacteria to help re-balance your gut flora. Pretty amazing, huh?

Enjoy full-strength as a shot or add a splash to your smoothies, salad dressing, dips… the list goes on!

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