Purple Probiotic Eggs

Purple Probiotic Eggs

Looking for a fun and unique project to do with your kids in the kitchen? Make Purple Probiotic Eggs with them and the help of our Ruby Juice. It’s easy, will encourage laughter and it gives you the chance to teach your littles ones a little bit about what we eat.

It’s easy enough: You’ll start with hardboiled eggs – the number is up to you. Once your eggs are ready, remove the shells and place them in a bowl.

Keep in mind that the eggs should be covered in the juice whilst soaking to ensure you get the best colour possible.

After they soak, which we left our 4 eggs soaking for about 20 minutes while stirring periodically, you can bring them out and split them into halves. Serve up and enjoy – the kids are going to love seeing the purple colour on the outside of their eggs, and it’s great prep for your Easter time rituals!

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